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Eclim Integration w/ Epic?

Max Baker
  • Max Baker
    Max Baker

    Hi All,

    I just stumbled upon EPIC, and it truly lives up to its name.  Thanks to all the developers.

    I've also just found "eclim" (http://eclim.org) which integrates vim/gvim into Eclipse - or allows Eclipse to be used headless (client/server) from vim / gvim.

    Eclim has plugins for a number of languages, but Perl is missing.    Has anyone tried to integrate EPIC into Eclim?  To me, this would be the ultimate Perl coding platform on teh internets.   Does anyone have any scope of the amount of work this would take?


  • Oliver Trosien
    Oliver Trosien

    Hi maxbaker,

    that's probably a task for eclim. I've found the corresponding question on their mailing list, and linking it for further reference:

    "The difficulty for me tends to correlate with how far the plugin has strayed from the JDT. If they modeled their api after the JDT and stuck to that, then I can find my way around pretty easy"

    To my knowledge EPIC has evolved from the PHPEclipse code base. That info may help if they've already done an integration into PHPEclipse, but probably the integration has been into PDT instead.