Where is perl syntax highlighting defined?

  • Petar Shangov
    Petar Shangov


    I've been fiddling around withe EPIC and Eclipse and am quite impressed. Only major problem I have: syntax highlighting is too barebones. Me is no java coder (subject to change if I really come to like Eclipse) but I would like to try and play with the syntax highlighting definitions if I can get them to work better, specifically strings and regexes (show special characters and variables in different colours). However, I think I went through all the source files of EPIC at least twice but I could nor figure out where the rules are defined. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    P.S. I am already beginning go get swept away in daydreaming about funky features such as advanced suppor for tracing, logging (think Log::Dispatch::Eclipse), profiling, pod search and browsing etc. via new views... How hard would any of these be to implement?

    • Jochen Ruehl
      Jochen Ruehl

      Hi Peter,

      the implementation of syntax highlighting is very simple at the moment. This should be improved in the future.
      As far as I can see there is no standard way to have regexes for the coloring, so this would have to be implemented.

      For the time being there are more urgent tasks on the list like the editor preferences, project preferences and not to forget the debugger.
      Things are not so easy to implement because the Eclipse documentation is not very helpful on advances topics (like the debugger).

      The keywords for syntax highlighting are defined in the file keywords.properties. Just unpack the jar file.
      The classes to watch for are PerlPartitionScanner.java and PerlCodeScanner.java.

      Syntax highlighting will be improved in later releases, but at the moment we are busy with other tasks.