EPIC @INC not considering *.tpl files


  • Anonymous

    Hello Folks!

    I have an "existing" perl codebase which contains plenty of perl modules (as .pm files) under "lib/perl" structure. And I also have few more modules saved as ".pm.tpl". These ".TPL" files are referred (i.e used) in the perl modules.
    I have correctly set the Perl Include path (@INC) in eclipse using epic.

    However, the EPIC code highlighter / editor complains about not being able to find those (i,e, the ones ending in .tpl extension) in @INC.

    Is file extension the problem here? If so, how can I configure EPIC to recognize .tpl as perl modules? Since this is a legacy codebase, I cannot change the extension to ".pm".

    Please help !!!

    Thanks in advance !


  • Anonymous

    OK ! I was able to modify AbstractOpenDeclaration.findModuleFile method to understand even the ".pm.tpl" files, rebuild the plugin and use