Eclipse 3.0M9 and Epic working

  • Just FYI. I managed to make Epic working with 3.0M9 (WinNT4.0):

    1. Of course, install eclipse 3M9 and Epic first.
    2. Install xerces (I simply copied the plugin directory org.apache.xerces_4.0.13 from my 2.1.2 installation)
    3. start eclipse with
        C:\eclipse3\eclipse.exe -vmargs -Djava.endorsed.dirs=plugins/org.apache.xerces_4.0.13

    Now it is possible to create perl projects again.
    (I found a hint in the documentation for the EMF project.)

    • Hi, really a nice tip! I tried this on Eclipse RC3 and works fine. Thanks a lot. :-)


    • Shit! was only eclipse colorer and perl Editor does not work. Any way, I can create Perl Projects.


      • Looks like everything is working here. I can create Perl Projects, syntax highlighting,  syntax checks, content assist, quick ref, outline, templates, regexp plugin is working.

        (But youre right. In the very beginning it didnt work. I had to create a new perl project with an new *.pl file, then it worked for my elder projects too. Ok, I dont know why it is so, it looks a little bit coincidental to me.)

    • Hi, I follow these steps. I start Eclipse, make the Perl editor default to pl files and so restart the Eclipse, create a perl project and when I tried create a pl file, the following error occur:
      Unable to instantiate the editor: org.epic.perleditor.editors.PerlEditor

      So I try put in the java.endorsed.dirs start parameter the directory witch contains this class (plugins\org.epic.ext.cbg.editor_0.3.0) and does not work yet. Some suggestion?! this plugin is important to me.


    • Moreover, reading other post in this forum, I can see that support to Eclipse3 is under development (course!). But, there is some prevision to release a version compatible with Eclipse3? Futhermore, in the post that I'ved read, the prevision was "a week after Eclipse3 release".