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#87 errors are erroneous and erratic

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Michael Sorens

First reported in forum on 2004.05.27 by me (http:
then reported by Remco Douma on 2004.08.13 (https:

Summary: I am consistently getting erroneous errors,
whether Unix or Windows line endings are used. First with
eclipse 2.1.3 (and epic 0.2.0), I then upgraded to eclipse
3.0 (and epic 0.3.0) and still get bogus (but different!)
errors. Also, trying the same project on different
computers (from the same eclipse .metadata) yields
different bogus errors. Finally, I'll mention for
completeness that my Java code runs flawlessly in
eclipse--no bogus errors. Any chance this is a memory
problem? I run only a 256MB machine.

Having seen no further posting since the request for
sample files a week or so ago, I took another look at the
issue. I closed all projects except my Perl one, and still
had lots of erroneous errors. I closed that project and
created a new test project. With just one file in
it--attached--the problems are still present. My system
shows 3 errors--all erroneous. If I then delete the large
comment block near the top of the file, they all go away.
(Depending on which pieces you delete, different things


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  • Michael Sorens
    Michael Sorens

    Smaller test case--Generator and CGI only

  • LeO

    Logged In: YES

    Hm, aobut (1) and (2) it's quite interesting, because the
    check from the plugin is exactly performed as you do it via

    ===> ????

    so, now there is the question, why there is difference
    between command line and Java-Code. The only reason I see
    currently is, different path OR different used Libs.

    try something like:

    perl -c -w -T -I <your CGI-path> Generator.pm

    what is the result?

    a) Is it that you have Errors or Warnings?

    b) change in your Generator.pm

    use CGI qw(escapeHTML);


    use CGI2 qw(escapeHTML);

    cause, then it is clear, you wanna use CGI2.pm (your
    modified CGI). and run the above test again.


    Even with your attached files, I am NOT able to reproduce
    this problem!!!

  • Michael Sorens
    Michael Sorens

    Logged In: YES

    With a "use CGI2" statement in Generator.pm, then

    perl -c -w -T -I.. Generator.pm

    indicates everything is fine.

    Inside eclipse, though, how do I specify the search path?
    Eclipse now complains (correctly) that it cannot find CGI2.
    (When it is just CGI, then I'm back to my incorrect warnings.)

  • LeO

    Logged In: YES

    ?Hm? what kind of question. I've already assumed you have
    done this!

    Right-click on the Navigator on the root of your Project,
    select Properties, Perl-Include Path.

  • Michael Sorens
    Michael Sorens

    Logged In: YES

    Checking what you point to, my perl-include path was blank.
    Since all my referenced files were either in the Perl system
    directory, or in the perl project inside eclipse, eclipse had been
    finding all the right things. (Explicitly setting a path caused no

  • LeO

    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
  • LeO

    Logged In: YES

    I somehow going to loose my interest on this ticket. Perhaps
    somebody else could deal with it. Main reasons for this are
    the following:

    1) You don't know the obvious things, like how to set the
    perl-include path.
    2) The check-method in Eclipse is exactly the same as
    DOS-shell. So, if there is one a problem and in another not,
    this couldn't be. (Not very clear is, if you changed to CGI2
    or not and the influence of the behaviour.)
    3) You are not willing to upgrade the Perl-version.

    The only way I currently see to solve this problem is to
    upgrade your Perl-version, what you are not willing to do.

    I'm out of idea. Sorry.

  • Remco Douma
    Remco Douma

    Logged In: YES

    As the person who originally submitted this problem, I am
    happy to report that the problem has "disappeared" after I
    upgraded to Perl 5.8 (I was working on 5.6.1).

    So: indeed, upgrading the Perl version solves the problem
    (at least it did in my case).

    I am now a happy user of E.P.I.C.!

  • Michael Sorens
    Michael Sorens

    Logged In: YES

    Could you be more specific please--5.8.what? I have had 5.8.0
    all along, as I reported. It would be helpful to know if you are
    using a later one.

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