#566 Breakpoints dont break in multiple module app

Stephan Ruehl
Debugger (177)

Debugging an application in a single-file/module works fine. When debugging an application which consists of multiple modules/files:
- the main module can be debugged without any problems
- breakpoints in all other subroutines/modules will be ignored.

My config:
- Eclipse Platform 3.5.1,
- E-P-I-C 0.6.35
- ActiveState Perl]
- Windows XP SP3

Can anyone tell me what to do or is this kind of debugging currently not supported?

Many thanks in advance and best regards
Jo Wesenberg


  • Maybe I should rephrase the details:

    Debugging with multiple files/subroutines works fine as long as you breakpoint exactly before you leave for example module/file 'a' and use 'step into' for entering into module/file 'b'. However, this is not the reality. I am running a big project with about 350 modules in separate files. There is no way to tell well in advance which flow the complex logic will follow.

    I would be glad if somebody could answer the question: Can I set a breakpoint in module/file 'b' and just use a 'resume' without a breakpoint in module/file 'a' (lets assume, 'a' is the main) to stop at the breakpont in module/file 'b'? Maybe, I completely misinterprete the 'resume' function - but obviousley then others would do the same.

    Looking forward to your answer
    Jo Wesenberg