#554 The FAQ should mention Strawberry Perl

Dan Dascalescu

http://www.epic-ide.org/faq.php mentions ActivePerl as the recommended Perl distribution for Windows. While this was certainly the case in the past, the advent of Strawberry Perl means that users can compile the latest modules off of CPAN, and they get access to all modules (ActiveState's PPM repository doesn't publish crypto modules, for example, due to export restrictions).

Please consider mentioning Strawberry Perl in the FAQ.


  • Jan Ploski
    Jan Ploski

    I can't quite see where it would fit. The FAQ states that "EPIC was tested with the following Perl implementations (but should also work with others)". This reflects my knowledge and also implicitly includes Strawberry Perl among the "others".

  • Dan Dascalescu
    Dan Dascalescu

    > I can't quite see where it would fit.

    At http://www.epic-ide.org/faq.php, I see:

    "For Windows, we recommend the ActivePerl distribution."

  • Blackavar

    Agreed. Strawberry Perl is IMO the most functional Windows Perl distribution at the moment, and ignoring it while mentioning Cygwin and recommending ActiveState feels like a disservice. I realize that it's a relatively new distribution, but it's quite complete.
    In fact, moving to Strawberry Perl has made Windows a platform that I can actively use to do work using a modern Perl. Cygwin Perl 5.10 on Vista is painful (not Cygwin's fault, exactly), and the lack of full CPAN on ActiveState is a blocker.