#417 Highlight updated variables hides all variables

Stephan Ruehl
Debugger (177)

When using the highlight changed varaibles option in the Variables view, the highlighter causes the variables in the variables view to disappear completely. Expecially when stepping through code (F6) and when the code uses comples objects (e.g. a Domnode object).


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    This was found using Epic perl 6.11 with Eclipse 3.2.2 on Linux

  • Jan Ploski
    Jan Ploski

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    Need more info to reproduce... Also, what you mean that variables disappear completely? All of them? Some of them? By "disappear" do you really mean disapeparing or maybe becoming collapsed?

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    All variables in the variable view are hidden from view. This means all variables are not visible anymore in the variable view.

    When a step is made "F6" the variable breefly appear but then are hidden from view again. with disabled highlihting the variables are visible. The "old" style highlighting in Epic 5 worked without problem.

    I work on Linux (RHAS3) box throuh a remote login from a solaris box that is viewed from Exceed under windows.... (I know difficult set-up).

    I esspecially see this when complex hases are infolved (e.g. handling DOM xml objects through XML::EasyObj module)

    Hope this helps..

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    similar problem here....

    Eclipse 3.3.0
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 4)
    EPIC 0.6.15

    - start debugger
    - get to first breakpoint (all variables are shown)
    - step over one or two lines (variables are still shown and come up very quick)
    - enable highlight updated variables (all variables become highlighted)
    - do another step (all varibles disapear) (however... after waiting a fair amount of time (10-15s) variables apear again and are highlighted correctly)

    It seems this is rather a performance issue.

  • Oliver Trosien
    Oliver Trosien

    Could this just be, that you're running eclipse on too low heapsize limits? Try raising the -Xmx value in your eclipse.ini