#132 Two editors are opened for the same file while debugging

Stephan Ruehl
Debugger (177)
Jan Ploski

Consider the following scenario:

Before I start debugging, I open a module named 'Main.pm'
in the editor and set breakpoints there. The debugging session
starts with a CGI script 'test.pl', which invokes a subroutine
from 'Main.pm'. When the breakpoint in Main.pm is hit,
another editor for 'Main.pm' opens automatically. The correct
behavior would be to bring the already open editor to the front
and center on the line about to be executed.

I guess it is a related problem that double-clicking breakpoints
(in the Breakpoints view) in this context (with two 'Main.pm'
editors open) does not bring me to the appropriate line (it does
nothing at all).

I also noticed problems with mapping lines from the Eclipse
editor to correct breakpoint locations. Specifically, the debugger
appears to stop at a comment line preceding a subroutine call
when I set a breakpoint on the call line (i.e. it seems to stop
1 line too early).


  • Stephan Ruehl
    Stephan Ruehl

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    Opening multible edtitors for the same file:
    I cannot reproduce the problem. Could you give a more
    detailed description how to reproduce this problem ?

    double-clicking breakpoints:
    this is a different problem and is already fixed.

    mapping lines from the Eclipse editor to correct breakpoint
    works fine on my system. Could you give a more detailed example.

    One plea from my side: Please only put one topic in one bug
    request. It makes handling much easier ... . Thanks !!!

  • Jan Ploski
    Jan Ploski

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    Can't reproduce - closing.

  • Jan Ploski
    Jan Ploski

    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me