Dynamic power management for Intel Centrino released

A release of software being used by major consumer electronics vendors to conserve battery life on Linux-based devices such as cell phones is now available for Linux 2.6 and Intel Centrino notebooks. Dynamic Power Management rapidly scales power parameters such as CPU frequency as the operating system transitions between idling and running tasks, and as the system switches between tasks with differing power requirements. Please see http://sourceforge.net/projects/dynamicpower/

Instructions on using DPM with Intel Centrino notebooks and some analysis of our experience with it so far (in the last 24 hours since it was developed) is at http://dynamicpower.sourceforge.net/dpm-centrino.html

We are very interested in community involvement to further improve the dynamic capabilities of Linux power management and to improve other aspects of power management, especially those targeted at Linux-based consumer electronics devices.

Posted by Todd Poynor 2003-09-27