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DynAjax web site moved

Please note this new url (on codeplex) for DynAjax: http://www.dynajax.org or: http://www.codeplex.com/dynajax

Kind regards,

Posted by bbeguin 2009-01-20

DynAjax - XML schema added

An XML schema for DynAjax XML configuration file has been added to project. Thus, developpers can use Visual Studio IntelliSense feature to write configuration files.
Next releases will include this schema.

Posted by bbeguin 2008-01-06

DynAjax tutorials - first tutorial

First tutorial released : setup DynAjax in a blank Web site project.
You can download it at http://download.dynajax.org - file named DynAjax_tuto_01_blank_project_setup.pdf

Posted by bbeguin 2008-01-06

DynAjax - log4Net added to project

log4Net has been added to project, thus DynAjax developpers are now able to keep trace of DynAjax calls and errors into log files.
New release soon.

Posted by bbeguin 2008-01-06

DynAjax - new release (V1.02) available

please look at the release infos to get changes details.

Posted by bbeguin 2007-12-01

DynAjax - new samples available

New sample page available:
a counter on server side called by client to get nb of times the page has been loaded. This sample will be added a lot of new counters very soon, come back soon.

samples page: http://samples.dynajax.org/

Benoît BEGUIN.
email: admin@dynajax.org

Posted by bbeguin 2007-11-20

DynAjax update - JSON string optimization

strings encoded in JSON on server side were bad encoded, I included them into an array (I don't know why, but NewtonSoft library throws an exception when trying to encode a string directly)
DynAjax encode now itself strings and it's ok.

download page: http://download.dynajax.org/

Benoît BEGUIN.
email: admin@dynajax.org

Posted by bbeguin 2007-11-20

DynAjax - Wiki en Français

Pour les francophones, le wiki est en cours de traduction en Français.

URL du Wiki : http://wiki.dynajax.org

Benoît BEGUIN.
email: admin@dynajax.org

Posted by bbeguin 2007-10-29

DynAjax - new samples available

New samples available there:
A login / logout sample and a dynamic search page example.

Posted by bbeguin 2007-10-25

DynAjax - sample site deployment

A sample site has been created and is available here:

Posted by bbeguin 2007-10-21

DynAjax - first release (V1.00) available

At least, the first release of the first openSource easy to use Ajax Framework for ASP .Net.
You can download zip file and unzip it into you Web application folder - it is ready to use.

Please send me any comment to: benoit.beguin@gmail.com.
You can visit DynAjax Wiki page for further informations there: http://dynajax.wiki.sourceforge.net/

Posted by bbeguin 2007-10-19