cisco visio stencils as graphics?

  • jumbo_

    Hi Yannick,

    got another idea:
         I draw visio maps a lot, and the best (physical view) maps get created using cisco stencils ( You have the chassis without modules there and then zilion modules, that just "snap into" the chassis, so everything is sized correcly, to fit. The good part is that it is in vector graphics so you can zoom into the very details etc...
         The idea is to use these official cisco visio stencils as graphics in Dynagui. They are public domain so there should be no legal issues.
         As there are zilion stencils over there, I searched and picked the ones we need, saved them into word file to . I did not find the C7200-IO-FE only C7200-IO-2FE so I had to edit that case you are wondering where I got it.
         As I understand it we would need png files from those to load into Dynagui, or it able to import some vector format? idea sorry....maybe I should start stydying that pyGTK stuff....

    let me know what you think.


    • Yannick


      Yes this is something I thought about too.
      This is definitively a step up from I have today with the simple square routers. However this might be a lot of work, as this we would need to read visio stencils files. So I would say this is more of a longer term goal. Except of course if you provide a patch.. :)