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Version 1.1 Coming!

Version 1.1 is coming out soon, bug fixes, fatal errors and correction will be made. Your computer must be able to run directx 8 in order to play this game.

Posted by Brandon Himpfen 2003-10-06

Documentation Release

New documentation has been released for Space and Simple Chat program. Each documentation is detailed explanatation about how to run the program, how to use it, and how we programmed it.

We suggest that you download the documentation for the programs.

Posted by Brandon Himpfen 2003-05-07

New Releases

Space - A DirectX Game developers are proud to bring you the beta v.1.0 for Linux and MAC. Please download them from this sourceforge pageor go to our new website !

Posted by Brandon Himpfen 2003-05-07

Website Up!

Our long awaited website is up and running. So, go and signup!


Sign Up:

Posted by Brandon Himpfen 2003-04-28

Space - beta 1.0 Released!

The beta version of the game has been released! Download is now:

Posted by Brandon Himpfen 2003-04-25