How to filter table relation

  • I've got the following schema:

    A table "debitor" with an subtable "debitor-addresses" (1:N relation)
    A table "order" with the ID's of debitors and debitors address.

    The user should now select the debitor and the debitor-addresses should be filtered via the debitor-id and should order it by name ASC. Maybe this could be realized via Table relation - Condition settings, but how? (if i set e.g. debitor-id=5 there's an java error)

    • Hi,

      in the table debitor-addresses you must create a unique index with 2 column (IDDebitor;IDAddress)
      in the table order set for column IDAddress:

      TableRealtion = "debitor-addresses".IDAddress[IDDebitor=IDDebitor]

      I have make your example on server in the package Test.

      Table: Test.Debitor, Test.DebitorAddresses, Test.Order
      Form:  Test.Debitor, Test.Order

      Best Regards
      Danilo Limatola

    • Thanks for the very fast reply and the example which helped a lot! Keep up the excellent work!