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Debian Web AutoInstaller / News: Recent posts

Debianized client

Dwai-client version 0.3.2 has been debianized!

This is the first step to have it included in Debian, Ubuntu and maybe others one day.

The unofficial deb package is available at the SF download area. You can download it, install it with "dpkg -i dwaiclient_0.3.2-1_all.deb" and try it out heading you browser to http://dwai.sf.net

The first time your browser will encounter a dwai file it will ask you what to do with it (shared-mime-info integration seems to need a bit of work): choose to open it with /usr/bin/X11/xdwai-client.sh and enjoy!... read more

Posted by Lucio Crusca 2007-06-17

Breaking news (copy of ML post)

Hi there,

I'm here just to let you know the latest news.
First of all, we have a working dewmaster script. Do you remeber what the
dewmaster script should be? A script that lets you build the DF file (dwai
XML) from a deb package and a bunch of additional informations.

Exciting? You haven't heard anything yet!

Just to say a few words about it:
* it needs only bash, dpkg, and a few very common utilities (grep, sed, wc,
head, tail, and so on)
* it can work interactively or in batch mode
* it's configurable system wide and individually for each system user
* it comes with a README which contains many useful words, please read them...
* it was written during my holidays in Spain, where I was lacking internet
access, so it's on my notebook for now, but I'm going to release it tomorrow.
You'll find the download on the sourceforge project page.

Exciting? You haven't heard anything yet!

We also have a working dwai client. Yes, you have understood, exactly that
little program that installs a debian package found on the web, given that
the web page has a DF file for it.

A few words on the dwai client:
* it needs only bash and a few common utilities, just like the dewmaster
script (and yes, it parses XML using only bash...)
* It works like a wizard with dialog boxes. The dialog boxes are powered by
whiptail, which gives the dwai client the same look and feel as the debian
installer (is this a good thing?...)
* It was written during my holidays, you'll find the download tomorrow
* IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM! (though it's not very fast, because the bash XML
library I've written it's not optimized at all, and it has a few limitations,
but the warnings for the final user are already in place)

These news basically mean that:

  • we have a nearly complete dwai solution
  • we need mime type integration (see package shared-mime-info)
  • it would be wonderful to have a debian package of the dwai client included
    in the upcoming stable release of Etch. Do you think we are on time? Is Etch
    already frozen?

Are these news exciting? They are for me, I hope also for you!


Posted by Lucio Crusca 2006-09-02

Here we are

So this is my brand new project. Well, our brand new project. Yes, because I've had the original idea, but a few friends have already helped me a lot in giving it a better shape. For italian speakers, the first message I sent about this project is here: http://lists.debian.org/debian-italian/2006/02/msg01952.html
and the thread is quite a long one.

In a few words, this project aims at becoming the next killer app you all were waiting for.
Well, at least you all Debian newbies...... read more

Posted by Lucio Crusca 2006-03-02