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Config file bug fix

Release 0.192b to fix a code error that prevented the .dvrequant_config file from being properly created and used. Delete your old config file if you are having problems

Posted by Steel_J 2006-03-21

0.19 stable release

0.19 version is released. It has been tested enough to be considered stable.

Posted by Steel_J 2006-01-23

New Alpha version

Releasin 0.19 as alpha for now because it was requested. It works pretty well.

Posted by Steel_J 2005-12-17

Mistake on my part

I had made a small error in the code of 0.182b that crippled the software. I updated the release with proper corrections.

Posted by Steel_J 2005-08-17

Version 0.182b release

Many failsafes implemented in thew code and error checking. (check the Change log)

Added search for "slocate". It is a new dependancy and it seems not installed by default on Debian.

Posted by Steel_J 2005-08-12

Small update 0.181b

The file "final.mpg" is now removed in the end to save total needed space. This comes from user David E. Fox who e-mailed me asking to add this modification.

Posted by Steel_J 2005-07-10


dvrequant is bundled with the Tovid project by it's author WapCaplet.

Posted by Steel_J 2005-07-06