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DVDx 4.1 Beta 1.2 with new ISO backup and free converter with H.265/HEVC

Download installer: [dvdx-][2]

[DVDx 4.1 Beta 1.2 ][1] is available with free converter:

New features:
+ Add Blu-ray/DVD/HD-DVD 1:1 ISO copy and decryption
+ Converter button now opens converter with current file

Transcoding profiles:
+ Add QuickTime (MOV format) support to H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC profiles
+ Add new video profile:
h265.ini : H.265/HEVC (HDTV)

+ Add components to support ISO backup
+ Improve H.265/HEVC support in transcoder (not yet for player)
+ Updated H.264, VPX (VP8-VP9), Vorbis and ASS player libraries
+ Font cache update no longer required for MPlayer
+ Remaining time displayed for ISO backup can be much higher than reality (DVD only)... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2014-03-12

DVDx 4.1 Beta 1.1 with free converter

Download installer: [dvdx-][2]

[DVDx 4.1 Beta 1.1 ][1] is available with free converter:

New features:
+ Add option to workaround picture-based canvas size issue with subtitles
+ Improve audio profile support in ripper
+ Improve audio profile support in converter
+ Support burnt-in subtitle text (srt/ssa) from video file input
+ Add new job menu in DVD/Bluray ripping job manager
+ Add new job menu in media converter job manager
+ Add save job report feature
+ Add new tutorials in help menu
+ Abort button in job window becomes magic button (abort/play/report/open)... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2014-02-11

DVDx 4.1 Beta 1.0 with free converter

Download installer: [dvdx-][2]

[DVDx 4.1 Beta 1.0 ][1] is available with free converter:

+ New complete video transcoder to recode MKV rips or any other audio/video file
+ Add aspect ratio correction in video settings (to correct bad video files)
+ Add audio profile support to extract and transcode audio tracks (experimental)
+ Set default encoding profile to mp4.ini (both converter and ripper)
+ Option to resize or not (default) main window when loading new media
+ Abort during transcoding stops smoothly and output is shorten but readable... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2014-01-10

DVDx 4.1 Preview build for Windows

Download installer: [dvdx-][2]

[DVDx 4.1 Preview][1] is available for registered users who can enjoy the brand new DVD and Blu-ray ripper and transcoder:

  • no need of addional decryption software
  • rip all DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs
  • rip Blu-ray 3D
  • super fast load and execution
  • easy and friendly to use
  • transcoding profiles completely tunable

Transcoding profiles:

  • 3g2.ini : 3G2/3GPP mobile phone
  • apple.ini : Apple (iOS-Based Devices)
  • avi.ini : Microsoft AVI (DivX/Xvid/MPEG-4)
  • bluray.ini : H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Blu-ray Disc)
  • copy.ini : copy in or strip out original tracks
  • dvvideo.ini : MiniDV/DV/DVCAM/DVCPRO recorders format
  • flv.ini : Flash Video (Adobe MPEG-4 video)
  • h264.ini : H.264/AVC (HDTV)
  • lossless.ini : lossless video (I Frame-only)
  • mkv.ini : MKV (Matroska video)
  • mp4.ini : MP4 (MPEG-4/QuickTime)
  • mpeg2.ini : MPEG-2 (CVD/SVCD/DVD)
  • p2p-avc.ini : Peer-To-Peer H.264/AVC file sharing
  • p2p-divx.ini : Peer-To-Peer DivX/MPEG-4/Xvid file sharing
  • postprod.ini : Post-Production (Video editing)
  • prores.ini : Apple ProRes video editing (I Frame-only)
  • webm.ini : Google WebM (licensing-free H.264 alternative)... read more
Posted by Starbuck 2013-12-09

Starbuck's FreePlayer (Mac OS X and Windows)

I've started DVDx 4.1 coding to include full-featured player from Starbuck's FreePlayer, libSB is stable enough (available in libSB-src.tar within freeplayer-

[Starbuck's FreePlayer 1.0][1] is now stable on Windows and Mac OS X.

What's new in release:

  • DVD menus with navigation and audio/subtitle control
  • support for non-western subtitles: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew
  • user settings for subtitle font style (font color, font size, bold, shadow, bottom margin)
  • deinterlacing video (switchable on-the-fly option)
  • option to turn on DVD/VOBsub antialiasing (-spuaa 4 -spugauss 0.5)
  • menu to associate audio/video/playlist file extensions to FreePlayer (every extension can be selected/unseleted and be restored to previous application associated with)
  • and more fixes (see FreePlayer changelog)... read more
Posted by Starbuck 2013-03-27 Labels: release

Starbuck's FreePlayer new project sharing DVDx 4 code

To prepare DVDx 4.1, I've worked for 1 year to a new project, a MPlayer/MPlayer2 GUI which I'll be able to use a lot of code for DVDx 4 future versions.

[Starbuck's FreePlayer][1] a simple and complete audio/video player based on the powerful MPlayer project. FreePlayer is gratis (free of charge) and its code is open-source. Starbuck's FreePlayer runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms:

  • play audio and video files (Xvid/DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, MPEG-2, FLV, MP4, WMV, AC-3, AAC, DTS, MP3...),
  • play DVD and Bluray discs, ISOs and folders,
  • play files from the network, using the HTTP, FTP, MMS or RTSP/RTP protocol,
  • play external subtitle files,
  • browse the internet to play media (Youtube, Dailymotion, Music Addict, CBS News, Fox News, Lego City ...),
  • save network medias to local disk.... read more
Posted by Starbuck 2012-12-21

Patch DVDx for Mac OS X users

We've uploaded a binary patch for users who downloaded DVDx for Mac OS X (both Open and Smart Editions).

The packages for Mac OS X are screwed up (dyLib issues).

New packages for Mac OS X are now available.

Posted by Starbuck 2011-12-14

DVDx for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Version Merge and split movie files

New smart feature:
- add movie merge (merge several movie files into one file)

New feature (all editions, input files must not have multi-audio or multi-subtitle tracks):
- add movie split to volumes (split one file into fixed-size volumes)
- add movie split into equal parts (divide one file into several ones)

Smart Edition:
- increase maximum video bitrate for H.264 HDTV and DivX Plus HD codecs from 4000Kbps to 20000Kbps
- set default video bitrate at 6000Kbps for H.264 HDTV and DivX Plus HD codecs
- no longer ask for activiation at every start... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2011-11-29

DVDx for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

I'm pleased to announce that DVDsx Open Edition source code is available for download as well as binaries for all platforms:
DVDx Open Edition for Windows, for Linux and for Mac OS X.

In the mean time, DVDx Smart Edition binaries are also published for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Version corrects the source code to compile on every platform.

Bug fixes in version
- fix min limit for test frames
- fix MPEG-2 encoding preview if frame number less than 250
- fix AMRNB audio encoding (mono 8kHz)
- enable open file/DVD even if engines not ready but alert
user to check engine paths

Posted by Starbuck 2011-09-12

DVDx Smart Edition for Windows

Version Smart Edition fixes

Smart Edition (Windows):
- fix impossible activation with error Internet not accessible
- fix valid email address rejected for activation
- fix application error when closing DVDx 4.0 Smart Edition Beta1 public release

New features (Smart Edition):
- encoder user settings: rezolution, bitrate, audio sampling
- one-click 2-pass encoding DivX-Xvid to fit video movies in one 700MB CD
- one-click remux video files (correct bad index and bad sync.)
- better process monitoring: display remaining encoding timed
- better process monitoring: display real-time encoding speed
- FFmpeg 64-bit engine... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2011-08-29

DVDx for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Fix bug Player engine couldn't get DVD title number.


- change settings id to Open Edition
- remove max limit for test frames and test position (for arbitrary slicing)
- fix MPlayer font cache update issue
- updated MediaInfo 7.45

- delete useless registry key at installation

Posted by Starbuck 2011-06-16

DVDx for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

New release provides no-error installers for every platform and corrected QuickTime profiles to ensure current Apple® QuickTime 7 player compliance, corrected Sony® PSP H.264 profiles as well; it improves DVD loading, VP8/WebM playing/encoding, H.264/MKV playback and comes with updated FFmpeg/MEncoder engines.


- fixed large file analysed as invalid (MediaInfo time-out)
- new H.264 settings for Sony PSP (MP@L3.0, resolution and more)
- new H.264 settings for file input (H.264 baseline/main/high profiles)
- added On-line FAQ link in Help menu... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2011-06-09

DVDx for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

New release provides complete error-free installers for every platform and corrected QuickTime profiles to ensure current Apple® QuickTime 7 player compliance ; it improves DVD loading, VP8/WebM playing/encoding, H.264/MKV playback and comes with updated FFMpeg/MEncoder engines.


- add progress-bar while loading file
- set large time-out (10s) for MediaInfo and FFprobe
(required for large files and when loading DVD)
- fix H.264 playback issue with MKV files
- fix resampling multi-channel audio with FFmpeg (file input)
- correct QuickTime profiles (H.264 and MPEG-4) for file input
- remove QuickTime (MOV) and iPOD format for DVD input (do MKV first)... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2011-06-07

DVDx for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Here we are! DVDx 4 is now available for all platforms with easy installers:
- classic Windows installer (NSIS)
- DEBIAN package for Linux distros
- disc image (.dmg) with pakage installer for Mac OS X (x86_654)

All platforms supports same video encoding formats:

AVI (DivX/Xvid)
WebM (Google's VP8 video/Vorbis)
Flash Video
Matroska (H.264/DivX Plus HD)
Apple QuickTime
iPod H.264/MPEG-4
PSP H.264/MPEG-4
Ogg Vorbis
and audio formats: AC-3, AU, LPCM, MP3, MP4 and WAV.... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2011-05-24

DVDx for Windows and now for Linux!

We're proud to be announce the very first release of DVDx for Linux platforms!

Linux users were expecting DVDx for a long time and they had to wait the completely re-written DVDx 4 versions. DVDx 4 Linux editions offers same GUI with same features as the Windows versions. There's a limitation, due to FFmpeg/MEncoder, the Linux edition supports less output formats, we've to disable 3GP/3G2, iPod, PSP, MP4 audio files and MP4/AAC audio codec. Nevertheless Linux users are able to encode in a bunch of video formats;... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2011-05-03

DVDx 4.0 first public release

We're proud to announce the very first DVDx 4.0 public release, after 2 years of hard work, lab testing, rewritten from scratch.

DVDx 4.0 is based on the most popular and powerful encoders: x264, MEncoder and FFmpeg. It's open-source code iswritten for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

DVDx 4.0 is an audio/video encoder as well as a powerful DVD copier. You can read DVDs and quiet any audio or video files and encode them to quiet any popular video formats: VCD/CVD/SVCD/DVD, Xvid/Divx, MPEG-4, H.264, AVC, QuickTime, Flash Video, Ogg, WebM, AC.3, WAV, MP3, MP4/AAC, Lossless Audio, PCM, Vorbis etc.... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2011-04-15

DVDx 2.20 release

New DVDx 2.20 released on June 9th, 2009: fix memory leaks, added MPEG-2 profiles (China Video Disk CVD and DVD), SIMD (SSE2) optimizations, fix WMV encoding crash, new audio Lame MP3 encoder, Microsoft VC9 compilation, debug builds...

Posted by Starbuck 2009-06-09

DVDx 2.x Ultra Edition

As of DVDx 2.5 release, the binaries avaialble from Source Forge are "ripper free", called Standard Edition.

You can build an Ultra Edition with DVD ripper feature with Visual Studio 2005 Pro, Directx SDK and WMFSDK.

The DVDx 2.x Ultra Edition binaries and installers are available for dowbload from DVDx web site.

Posted by Starbuck 2007-03-05

DVDx 2.7

Following on the success of DVDx 2.6 release, we're proud to announce the availability of DVDx 2.7 release, uploaded on labDV server and DVDx web site (soon on Source Forge server, but Starbuck needs to reconfigure its SF access). What's new in 2.7:

Third-party DLLs

  • nLame.dll 3.97 Final (Intel 9.1 compile)
  • libmmd.dll 9.1 (Intel 9.1 compile

GUI enhancements

  • Changed Open DVD root menu behavior, now display a Windows XP new syle file explorer dialog, initialized with last directory used by DVDx. Thus it's no longer annoying to change DVD drive for multiple drive computers or multiple DVDs ripped on hard drive.
  • Now display MPEG (VOB) file name without path in the MPEG2 file scanning progress window (required for long path current for DVDs ripped on hard drive).
Posted by Starbuck 2007-03-05

New in DVDx 2.6

We're proud to announce that we succeeded in migrating the whole DVDx project to the latest Windows development platform: Microsoft Visual C++ 2500 Professional with Intel C++ 9.1 Compiler.

This has immediate benefit for the end-user by fixing bugs introduced by previous compiler, such as when DVDx silently crashes when exiting Input Settings with 44.1KHz or 48.0KHz (no conversion) option.

This will have great benefit for developers, so end-users, by providing new productivity features such as navigation across C++ objects declarations and definitions with one right-click. Intel 9.1 C++ compiler will provide latest greatest Hyper-Threading and Multi-Core optimization. And x64 cross-compilation will be facilitated. ... read more

Posted by Starbuck 2007-03-05

New in DVDx 2.4

Now you can encode a SVCD in real time (25FPS) with DVDx 2.4 running on a Pentium 4D 830 (Dual Core 3GHz) and encode a DivX at 75FPS. So you can encode a 1h30 movie in 30 minutes, including the DeCSS process, which makes DVDx likely the fastest DVD ripping solution ever!

- Release executable is optimized for Intel Pentium 4, Intel Pentium M, new Intel
  Pentium 4 with Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3) and compatible Intel processors
  (new AMD Athlon 64 support SSE3)
- Internal encoders not changed, but now compiled by new Intel 9.0 compiler for the
  official binary release, likely more reliable and faster (DVDx 2.4 is faster than
  DVDx 2.3: VCD +15%, SVCD +10%, DivX +5% on SSE3 processors and VCD +12%, SVCD +5%,
  DivX +5% on SSE2 processors)      ... [read more](/p/dvdx/news/2006/03/new-in-dvdx-24/)
Posted by Starbuck 2006-03-26

New in DVDx 2.2

-4/3 correction (custom zoom mode)
-Monitoring improved

-Wrong NTSC time repported fixed

-New codec management
-AVI settings are now saved
-Various 2Pass AVI fixes

Internal mpeg encoder:
-New rate control algorithm for best vbvUnderflow/overFlow prevention
Posted by Jean Luc PONS 2003-02-20

New in DVDx 2.1

Skins and gui:
-changed buttons to single bitmap
-added 'file' button to select output file name
-changed order of buttons
-Selectable preview aspect ratio

-added 2 pass encoding
-YUY2 export now works for Xvid codec
-AviSetStream failure for Divx 5.0.3 fixed

Internal mpeg encoder:
-faster motion search (20% in high motion search)
-quantization done in double (iDCT/DCT setting)
-occasional less frames than premiere plugins fixed
-'normal' calculation mode haze fixed
-picture quality improved... [read more](/p/dvdx/news/2003/01/new-in-dvdx-21/)
Posted by Jean Luc PONS 2003-01-30