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Starbuck's FreePlayer (Mac OS X and Windows)

I've started DVDx 4.1 coding to include full-featured player from Starbuck's FreePlayer, libSB is stable enough (available in libSB-src.tar within freeplayer-

Starbuck's FreePlayer 1.0 is now stable on Windows and Mac OS X.

What's new in release:

  • DVD menus with navigation and audio/subtitle control
  • support for non-western subtitles: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew
  • user settings for subtitle font style (font color, font size, bold, shadow, bottom margin)
  • deinterlacing video (switchable on-the-fly option)
  • option to turn on DVD/VOBsub antialiasing (-spuaa 4 -spugauss 0.5)
  • menu to associate audio/video/playlist file extensions to FreePlayer (every extension can be selected/unseleted and be restored to previous application associated with)
  • and more fixes (see FreePlayer changelog)

Download, test and post feedback:

Posted by Starbuck 2013-03-27 Labels: release