New in DVDx 2.6

We're proud to announce that we succeeded in migrating the whole DVDx project to the latest Windows development platform: Microsoft Visual C++ 2500 Professional with Intel C++ 9.1 Compiler.

This has immediate benefit for the end-user by fixing bugs introduced by previous compiler, such as when DVDx silently crashes when exiting Input Settings with 44.1KHz or 48.0KHz (no conversion) option.

This will have great benefit for developers, so end-users, by providing new productivity features such as navigation across C++ objects declarations and definitions with one right-click. Intel 9.1 C++ compiler will provide latest greatest Hyper-Threading and Multi-Core optimization. And x64 cross-compilation will be facilitated.

Debug and DebugP4 versions are back, so we'll be able to debug DVDx mush more quickly.

Posted by Starbuck 2007-03-05