How to add a playlist ?

  • Pèdà Szomm
    Pèdà Szomm

    Hello all,

    i searched the forum and did not find a answer for my question:

    How can i use a button to play some specified numbers of videos ?

    In my case i have 14 videos on my dvd and wanted to add 2 buttons, the first should play the videos from number 1 to 7,
    the second the videos from number 8 to 14. Good would be if they call up the mainmenu after playing the files.
    I tried the "jump to track#" function with 7 parameters but after playing the first video it jumps back to main. Maybe i have to use a "," instead of a ";" in the script ???  Has anyone of you a solution of my problem ? I am sure that this is possible but there are so many possibilitys that i wont test all … A good day for you all and … DVDstyler rules, i like it very much ;-)

  • Alex Thuering
    Alex Thuering

    You need to create two titlesets:
      - add first 7 videos
      - right click Add/Titleset
      - add second 7 videos
      - create vmMenu
      - add a button and set action "jump to titleset 1 title 1", select "play all"
      - add a button and set action "jump to titleset 2 title 1", select "play all"
      - remove old menus

  • Tim Long
    Tim Long

    I have a similar problem. I've got a bunch of training videos that I want to include on a single DVD, and have separate playlists based on the category. Titlesets would work, but some videos fit under multiple categories. Is there a way to create a playlist without including duplicate videos under separate titlesets?