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HOW i do "turn" ON or OFF for audio and subtitle?

  • hello
    i need your help urgent:
    -how i do "turn" ON or OFF for AUDIO (my video file is MUTE for default, so i will add track audio for TURN ON but how do it?)?
    -how i do "turn" ON or OFF for subtitle (my file is SRT)?
    my dvdstyler is 2.6.1 thank you

  • Edward

    Your remote control should have an Audio Button or Subtitle button. However, if you've lost it and are using a "Universal Remote" that don't always have that feature you will have to create a menu with buttons that link back onto itself, but changing the audio and subtitle track accordingly.

    There is a whole manual on the subject. Just check out the documentation and YouTube tutorial.

    • ok, i undy for remote button, that is ok but example a dvd-video film (movie) my case is arthur by luc besson, there is button (menu) "setup" and there is button while to choose, example subtitle, i click and start movie that is worked but all cinematographic (commercial) there are all "turn" on or off for subtitle but i dont know how i do to dvdstyler..
      so i open here discussion to help me, next 2 days i will burn 1000 discs for dvd-video under DVDSTYLER 100% but i need your help for me for "TURN ON" or "TURN OFF" for subtitle and AUDIO (tip: change audio english and change audio mute this is a idee tip) but for now i need first to resolve SUBTITLE... ok?
      I’ll happy if you suggest me or any example tutorials or documentation, or link ok?
      thnak you