how to jump back to specific menu from title

  • divz_admin

    After each title in my project has finished playing I need to jump back to a specific menu.   I have tried using "call menu 2" in the "Post commands" section of the titles but it won't accept a menu number and displays the error below.

    "invalid action: cannot call to a specific menu PGC, only an entry"

    I have 1 vmMenu, 3 Menus and 1 titleset with 25 titles.  Depending on which menu the title is played from I need to jump back to that menu after the title has finished.  For example, title 1 which appears on menu 1 would need to call menu 1 after it finished playing.  Title 12 would need to call menu 2.  What command can I use in the "Post commands" section to accomplish this?

  • divz_admin

    Nevermind… I just realized that jumppads were disabled.  :)  After checking "create jumppads" in the options window I'm now able to call menu 1 from the title's post commands.

  • divz_admin

    Well, the jumppads didn't exactly solve the problem.  As I was attempting to generate the dvd it displayed the following error.

    "ERR:  Too many titlesets/titles/menus/etc for jumppad to handle.  Reduce complexity and/or disable

    Any idea how I can call specific menus from each title's post commands without enabling jumppads?

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B

    In your original post, you mentioned calling any particular menu from a title as well as calling the menu which linked to that particular title. I will mainly address the latter case since it is more general. You can have multiple menus which call a particular title and the title will jump back to the original menu when complete.

    First, set the main non-vmMenu as the root menu (menu properties window). On the commands of each button which links to a title, set a test register with a value corresponding to the current menu.

    Menu 1 button commands:

    g7=[b]1[/b]; jump title [destination];

    Menu 2 button commands:

    g7=[b]2[/b]; jump title [destination];


    The variable register g7 was chosen at random. You can use any register g0-g15 at your whim, unless you enable jumppads which will limit your registers to g0-g12. Since you can't use jumppads to accomplish this, it's not a problem.

    If your titles will never play in series (either in a play-all mode or a play list mode),
    Title post commands:

    call menu entry root;

    If you do use a play-all or play list mode, you will need to test for it first.
    Title post commands:

    If (g10==1) jump [next title destination]; call menu entry root;

    Again, g10 was chosen at random. You only need be consistent; which variable doesn't matter otherwise.

    To handle the forwarding of menus, test the value of your test register in the pre command of your root menu:
    Root menu pre command:

    If (g7==3) jump menu 3; If (g7==2) jump menu 2; [regular menu commands here];

    Other menu pre commands:

    [regular menu commands here];

    This scheme can be expanded to allow navigation between any title and any menu, each in any titleset and without using jumppads, however I will save that discussion for a particular case that needs it. It requires using either multiple variables (boo, not efficient and jumppads already uses this scheme) or binary logic (complicated coding, but more efficient). For reference, you can look at my guide on the DVDStyler Documents page for further scripting discussions. I'm in the process of updating it to follow the capabilities in DVDStyler 1.8.4, but it is a good reference point.

    Oh, and if you don't want to call the menu which jumped to a particular title, set the value of the menu you want to navigate to in the title's post command:
    Title with forced menu navigation post command:

    g7=2; call menu entry root;


  • divz_admin

    Thank you for the detailed instructions.  I ran into one issue with the custom button commands but I was able to successfully work around it.

    I'm using dvd styler v1.8.3 and for each of my video clips I have a button that displays a frame from the video.  In the properties window for the video clip buttons the default setting is the "video frame" option and the "jump to" option.  When I change from "jump to" to "custom" it automatically deselects "video frame" and then selects the "image" option.  I am then unable to re-select "video frame".  I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it has already been resolved in v1.8.4 but I had to modify some of the code you posted above in order to work around the "video frame" issue.

    "jump to" screenshot

    "custom" screenshot

    Instead of using a custom command for each of the buttons I just used the "jump to" option.  Then in the properties for menu 1 I selected root and entered "if (g7==2) jump menu 2; if (g7==3) jump menu 3; g7=1;" in the pre commands.  For menu 2 I entered "g7=2;" and for menu 3 I entered "g7=3;" in the pre commands.  In the post commands for each title I entered "call menu entry root;".  I do have a Play All button on the vmMenu so for that button I just selected "jump to:" title 1 and then checked the box labeled "play all titles".  After making those changes everything seems to work as expected.  Thanks for your help.

  • Alex Thuering
    Alex Thuering

    DVDStyler 1.8.4 also provides the title post command "call last menu;" to return to the last menu.