How is your experience with the GIMP plugin for DVD button development ? http://registry.gimp.org/node/16190

In the associated tutorial, there is a step about adding text for buttons. In the parentheses, there is this statement -

"Make sure the text is actually in the layer, and not in it's own layer!"

What does it mean ?

I am new to GIMP and I noticed that when I click on the icon to add text, it adds a layer to the PNG. So, for every button of text, a new layer is created. Then, I merge one with another until all of them are on the original background image. Is this the right way ?

And, yes, after generating the XML for spumux (from the GIMP plugin), running spumux with it and finally, using it with dvdauthor, the result is a VOB that does not show the buttons.