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flydvb trio cardbus scan problem

José Luis
  • José Luis
    José Luis

    I'm in trouble with a flydvb trio cardbus card (DVB-T DVB-S and analog in one) and fresh Feisty (i386 generic) on an HP Pavilion DV8000z
    My dvb config is:
    "option saa7134 card=84 tuner=54"
    "option saa7134-dvb use_frontend=1"

    Finally I´ve configured the card for dvb-t and dvb-s (Very well with Kaffeine) and now my problem is the tunning/scanning main of the lowband frequencies (LNB universal and Astra19,2 ) (i.e the spanish Digital+ package).

    "scan" manually (from dvb-utils) gives the same results... (not able to tuning "almost" lowband transponders).

    Highband transponders are scanned correctly (H and V)

    I´ve been seen the -vvv scan option, and I could see that two of the lastest reported as "lowband" transponders were well scanned.

    I´he tried too the -5 option withot results.

    Same hardware config work "fine" (at least scaning and tunning) in windows (progdvb and skyview).

    Any can help?
    Thanks in advance...