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0.6 Released!

After a little bit over the week I said it would take to release 0.6, it's here. This release focuses on stability over features. As a result there are only 2 new commands, scan - to update the services/pids in a multiplex, and setsfavsonly - enable streaming of only audio/video and subtitles (this also rewrites the PMT to only include these elements.)
Currently DVBStreamer is running for at least a week with out problems (I'm running it as a backend to Freevo on my main TV).

0.7 will hopefully be a bit more feature rich. Currently I'm looking into rewriting the remote interface to make it easier to add new commands and easier for clients to use (most likely this will be a telnet style interface), DSM-CC carosel download, logical channel number support as well as some changes to the plugin interface to make more features available there.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-11-30