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New companion app released, livepause 1.0

Livepause is an application to buffer a single program TS or PS to disk and then serve the data over raw TCP or HTTP. This allows a media player to retrieve and play the stream, pausing when requested with out losing data.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2009-01-26

1.0 is finally here!

Been a long time coming but this release has had a large number of bug fixes (thanks to all who submitted bug reports) as well as 2 new features.
The first new feature is a traffic monitoring plugin to show bandwidth used by different PIDs.
The second feature is a new event framework that expose internal events like multiplex changed, primary service changed, service additions/removals and frontend locked/unlocked.... read more

Posted by Adam Charrett 2008-06-25

Long time no release

Its been over five months since the last release and it should only be a few more weeks to the next one. Work on DVBStreamer has been going slower than I would like mainly due to my day job taking priority and the recent demise of my test machine. It appears that (rain) water and electronic don't mix, except to produce a large amount of smoke and sparks! My test machine was positioned, uncased under a loft window I thought was properly sealed, unfortunately it wasn't and rain water dripped onto the motherboard. It worked until I decided I need to put it in a case and then promptly blew up.
Enough of the sob story, 1.0 will include lots of bug fixes and a new event framework that will allow you to log events such as signal loss/lock, new services (channels), removal of services. These events can either be sent to a file (useful for debugging) or over UDP.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2008-05-20

DVBStreamer 0.9 and gtkdvbctrl 0.2 Released

In time for the festive season, DVBStreamer 0.9 and its companion gtkdvbctrl 0.2 have been released.

DVBStreamer 0.9 has some nice new features and quite a few bug fixes. Most notable are ATSC EPG now works and SAP announcements have been added for multicast UDP/RTP.

gtkdvbctrl 0.2 has a new window layout and allows the service list to be filtered on service type and access as well as what multiplex they are on.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-12-13

New developers

DVBStreamer has a couple of new developers, I would like to welcome Mark and Chris who will be working on a Web UI and new database backend for DVBStreamer.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-11-30

Work in progress....

I'm still here and as always not getting enough time to do all the things I want to DVBStreamer :-).

0.9 is still a little way off but here's a sneak peak at what will be included:
* Working XMLTV EPG and major speed improvement.
* SAP for multicast streams.
* Removal of 'output' command (confusing people) and replaced with manualfilter plugin.
* Selection of service by dvb id

Things I intend to add:
* CRID/TV Anytime information processing
* Adding PAT/PMT as first packets of a file:// MRL

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-10-26

First release of gtkdvbctrl

That's right its taken a while (well over 2 months since I started it), but it's finally here a simple way to control DVBStreamer.
At the moment its still in need of some more features but it works and hopefully it will make life easier for those who only use 1 streaming output.
Those of you who need 2 or more output streams will have to wait a while until I implement multiple service filter control.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-08-12

0.8 is here!

Just finished checking and uploading the 0.8 release. Its already had some endurance testing and is currently still running on my test machine after 12 days. This release should be more stable than the last and I finally solve the virtual memory leak, so you should no longer see the virtual memory creeping up after each time you use dvbctrl.

As a teaser for one of the next new features for DVBStreamer go check out the screenshot section of the SF project page for a screenshot of a gtk/python application I'm working on to make using DVBStreamer even simpler :-)

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-07-11

49 Days 13 Hours 4 Minutes 56 Seconds and still going

I've had 0.7 running on a extended test for almost 50 days now with no issues! Hopefully 0.8 will be as stable.

Not long now till I release 0.8 just finishing off a few configuration options and running a few final tests.
Some features to look forward to in the next release:
DVB-S fully supported.
ATSC fully supported.
USB 1 devices (any device that can't supply the whole TS) supported (although only 1 service filter is allowed).
EPG download, can be exported in XMLTV format (DVB and ATSC).
Lots of tidying up under the covers.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-06-19

New Wiki!

Finally got round to working out how to install a Wiki on sourceforge last night. Thanks to some very good instructions I found using google I was able to get MediaWiki up and running very quickly!

I'm still porting a lot of stuff into it from the original php page but there is already more information in it that the previous docs and its up to date!

To access the Wiki simply use the Documentation link at the top of the page.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-04-24

Happy Birthday DVBStreamer, 1 Year Old Today

Twas this time last year that the first release of DVBStreamer was released on the world, it's come along way since then (and its got a long way to go).

The next release of DVBStreamer will have some major changes to its internal database to allow for full DVB-S support and very preliminary support for ATSC.

Any other requests for the next release please add them to the Tracker.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-04-18

0.7 - This is not an April fools

Finally after 4 and a bit months 0.7 is here!
Hopefully this release is more stable than previous releases and includes several great new features. First off is the simpler telnet style remote control protocol which takes over from the complicated binary comms protocol, next up are the 4 new plugins, logical channel number querying, now and next information, date and time and finally an example plugin to extract a PES from a specified PID. Finally the core of dvbstreamer has been changed to use a new object/reference count based memory management system which should help prevent and track down any memory leaks.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-04-01

Future 0.7 release

I'm still here although it seems like a long time since I last released DVBStreamer (only a few months I know :-) ). The next release will mainly contain under the covers touch ups and probably only a few new features viewable by the user. Thats not to say that a lot won't have been added, I'm currently focusing on the Plugin Interface and a new more user friendly remote interface. Things are going a bit slower than I would like as I have recently changed jobs and don't have the time I used to, to develop DVBStreamer. Fear not though that doesn't mean I dropping it just moving at a slower pace from now on I expect.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2007-02-21

0.6 Released!

After a little bit over the week I said it would take to release 0.6, it's here. This release focuses on stability over features. As a result there are only 2 new commands, scan - to update the services/pids in a multiplex, and setsfavsonly - enable streaming of only audio/video and subtitles (this also rewrites the PMT to only include these elements.)
Currently DVBStreamer is running for at least a week with out problems (I'm running it as a backend to Freevo on my main TV).... read more

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-11-30

Documentation Updated

The documentation of the website has been updated in preparation for the 0.6 release. I have also uploaded the doxygen documentation for the plugin interface which can be accessed from the documentation page.

0.6 should be released in the coming week just a few last minute things to tidy up.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-11-22

To Leak or To fragment that is the question....

What I thought was a memory leak now looks to be a problem with memory fragmentation. Having now had a chance to run DVBStreamer for a day and half collecting memory stats using mtrace, it appears that no memory is being leaked.
Thats the good news, the bad news is that libdvbpsi is doing arround 6,000,000 mallocs and frees in that time (which may explain the ~900MB mtrace file I ended up with :-P ). Given the number of mallocs there is bound to be some fragmentation resulting in malloc needing to pull in more virtual memory from the system to supply libdvbpsi, this would explain the 2018MB being used by DVBStreamer.
I have a solution to the problem which should see libdvbpsi's allocation go from 6,000,000 > ~6 (depending on the size of some tables), just have to test it now (unfortunately this will require a patch to libdvbpsi).

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-11-10

13 Days 23 Hours 36 Minutes 3 seconds and still going

It looks like I've managed to fix several major bugs that had been causing instability in version 0.5. As the title says I've now had DVBStreamer running for almost 2 weeks with out a crash. Just got to solve the memory leak problem now. I've already found 1 which reduced the amount being leaked on each channel change, but DVBStreamer is still using 2018MB after 14 days which is about 2010MB over what I might expect.... read more

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-11-07

0.5 is here ands its got bells on

Well Plugins any way! This release has been a long time coming mainly due to the changes need to add plugin support and the new MRL (Media Resource Locator) style destinations.
Basically you can now add your own delivery mechanisms to dvbstreamer be that RTP, HTTP or just I don't email :-).
One annoying issue is when initially building you'll see configure run again. Not a major issue just an annoyance that I'll fix in the next release which hopefully won't be too far off.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-09-13

Mailing Lists created

I've added 2 mailing list for the project as its now starting to pick up in terms on questions I'm receiving (keep'em coming). You can subscribe to them on the project page.

The dvbstreamer-devel list will primarily be for core and plugin developers (plugins will be the main new feature of the next release).
The dvbstreamer-user list is intended for questions on how to use dvbstreamer etc.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-08-10

Version 0.4 The Daemon Release

0.4 is here and adds the feature of being able to run dvbstreamer in the background, in daemon mode. This allows you to run it as a separate user or at startup and then use the new program dvbctrl to control and monitor it.
Other features included in this release are secondary service filters. They are similar to manual outputs but allow you to stream a service (with PID tracking) to another output. Unlike the primary service output, changing the service to one on another multiplex will not cause a re-tune.
DVBStreamer now no longer waits for the signal to lock before allowing you to do something else, very useful if you have a low signal/high noise problem :-).
IPv6 support has been added by Tero Pelander's patch.
A few minor name changes to commands to try and tidy things up a bit.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-07-18

v0.4 Teaser

V0.4 is coming along well with some great new features for all you loverly people!
The main 2 features will be secondary service outputs and a daemon mode.
Secondary service outputs these are a bit like the manual outputs that I added in v0.2 but they track PSI/SI changes and stream a complete service just like the main service. Unlike the main service they won't cause a multiplex change when you set a service that isn't on the current multiplex. Very useful for stream multiple services from the same multiplex.
Daemon mode now means you can run DVBstreamer from init.d script at startup. In daemon mode dvbstreamer is controlled via TCP using a new binary protocol (documentation under doc/). My finally aim of this is to add a fastCGI frontend to DVBStreamer that will allow control and monitoring of multiple instance of DVBStreamer from a web server.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-07-10

IPv6 Support

Thanks to Tero Pelander dvbstreamer now has support for IPv6. Get it from the patches section of the project page.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-06-23

0.3 is here!

Finally solve the last remaining bug that was bugging me!
This release adds a few new features including service tracking (new services are automatically add to the database and services no longer in the TS are removed), command completion (now using readline to its full-ish) and finally DVB-C/S.
DVB-C support has been tested by the very helpful Tero Pelander and seems to tune to services correctly. DVB-S support is completely untested so I'm looking for willing volunteers to test it and post any bugs.
Other changes are mainly internal, but the most important is that I've reworked the service filter to allow more than 1, so in the future I may add a new command to stream another service on the same multiplex.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-06-11

Initial DVB-C and S support is in.

I've added initial DVB-C support which has had some minor testing and appears to work (although I've also added service addition and removal which seems to be causing some problems). DVB-S support for importing channels.conf data is in but untested and there is no support for DisEqC.
Both of these are in subversion and once I figure out the problem with services being added and removed I will put up a new release.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-06-02

Internet access back up!

We've moved in now and I've finally got internet access back, after transposing 2 of the digits in the phone number when I emailed my net provider.
Anyway my new house has by chance got a TV ariel point right next to my developement PC, which is a bit of luck :-).
Next release is likely to be a few weeks off due to the wife wanting DIY work done all over the new house :-(. I'm intending to add at least DVB-C and probably DVB-S support in the next release although they will be untested.
If anyone has any ideas/features they want added please submit them to the forums.

Posted by Adam Charrett 2006-05-15