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Network instead of a unix domain socket?

  • Hi,

    i wondered how hard it would be (if feasible at all) to use a network connection instead of the unix domain socket in dvbd so you can have one machine with some DVB cards and watch tv on several other machines via (made up command line) "dvbcat --host my.dvb.server --port 12345 My_Program | mplayer -" and if this would be a good idea at all.

    Any ideas about this? I am not a great C / C++ programmer or i would have tried it myself ;-)


    • Wolf

      I needed the same functionality, so I have written a patch to replace unix sockets by TCP/IP everywhere (except for recording).


    • In the mean time i have tested Wolf's patch and although it is working fine, i have settled for my other solution posted to the patches, using a perl script as CGI within apache. This makes access control etc. rather easy and also handles name resolution, ipV6 etc :-)