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#2 Hotkey conflict

Chris Morris
General Bug (4)
Chris Morris

I am using DVAssist on NT Workstation 4.0
SP5 together with The Wonderful Icon v2.001
(www.thewonderfulicon.com), and DVAssist refuses to
start if I already have a hotkey for Control-Shift-
F12, even if DVAssist is configured to use a
different hotkey.

Wonderful Icon does various things, but I mainly use
it for window management, and I have Control-Shift-
F12 mapped to hide a window.

If I start Wonderful Icon with the above-mentioned
mapping enabled, this is what I get when I start
DVAssist (having previously told DVAssist to
use "Control-Shift-~") :

"Access violation at address 0045DA96 in
module 'DVAssist.exe'. Read of address 0000003C."

Then I get "Exception EReadError in module
DVAssist.exe at 00013471. Error reading
clHotKey1.Hotkey: Internal Error: cannot create
hotkey [TclHotkey.hkRegisterHotKey]."

And DVAssist exits.

I get exactly the same messages if I tell DVAssist to
use Control-Shift-F12, having started WI first.

However, if I disable the Control-Shift-F12 mapping in
WI before starting DVAssist, there is no problem. Or
if I start DVAssist without WI running, everything is
fine (and I can then run WI).

It looks as if a) DVAssist doesn't handle the
possibility that its hotkey is already taken, and it
also looks as if b) it has some dependency on the
default hotkey even when the user chooses a different

Sean Flanigan


  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris

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