Version 1.4.6 released

Most significant changes in a nutshell:

  • Tile graphics reworked + source SVGs added
  • Menus fully controllable with a mouse/touch input
  • Option for horizontal split
  • Bug fixes

The full change log:

  • Option for horizontal split.
  • Tune sliding parameters.
  • Remove deprecated sandAreaCurve45*.
  • Make track selection menu usable with mouse.
  • Refactor MCSurfaceConfigLoader.
  • Add blur to star.png
  • Rework tile graphics.
  • Remove sandGrassStraight45Female.
  • Remove glPushAttrib() from StartlightsOverlay.
  • Rework startlights.
  • Remove sandAreaCurve45*. Graphics to be added directly to the tile.
  • Remove unused src images.
  • Fix artifacts in the textured font.
  • Fix Help on wide screens.
  • Rename confusing MCSurface::setScale() to ::setSize().
  • Automatically show/hide mouse cursor.
  • Fade startlights out on GO.
  • Refactor view splitting.
  • Support translations via Qt.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-09-28