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Version 1.2.1 released

The most notable changes in a nutshell:

  • New sand graphics
  • Smaller cars with improved parameters
  • Selectable lap count
  • Qt5 support
  • Editor improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Code refactorings

The complete changelog:

  • Swap buffers only when renderer is enabled.
  • Add 1 lap to lap count selection.
  • Fine tune the font.
  • Editor: Delete objects after they have been removed from the scene. Patch by Markus Rinne.
  • Refactor StateMachine.
  • Use Qt signal and lambda to exit game from menu.
  • CMake: Print message about used Qt version.
  • Move Scene::translateCarsToStartPositions() to Race::
  • Simplify menu texts.
  • Removes useless QApplication::setGraphicsSystem("opengl")
  • Removes dead code.
  • Editor: The New Track Dialog validates entered values.
  • Editor: Add shortcuts for undo and redo.
  • Editor: Add Undo. Patch by Markus Rinne.
  • Remove lap count property from race tracks.
  • Add lap count menu.
  • Add sandAreaCurve45 and sandAreaCurve45Right.
  • Editor: Handle objects before target nodes.
  • Correctly fade alpha.
  • Adds sandAreaBig object.
  • Adds sandAreaCurve object.
  • Even smaller cars.
  • Smaller turning impulse.
  • More off-track friction.
  • Simplifies the texture font system and config.
  • Separate resolution menus for windowed and full screen.
  • Refactor main.cpp
  • Resolution scaling.
  • Remove obsolete OpenGL stuff from MCGLScene.
  • Editor: Add flood fill. Patch by Markus Rinne.
  • Prepare the project for Qt5.
  • Refactors Startlights.
  • More variance to computer speeds.
  • Full screen by default.
  • Add a comment about moment of intertia.
  • Refactors StateMachine.
  • Updates packaging.
  • Editor: Refactors mouse event handling in EditorView.
  • Generate desktop files only if ReleaseBuild defined.
  • Adds home site url to the Help page.
  • Refactors the number plate generation to GraphicsFactory.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-04-11