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It's a miracle: version 1.0.0 released!

The version 1.0.0 is finally released with a number of changes.

  • Improves the lighting model.
  • Improves the game dynamics.
  • Support for mesh objects.
  • Removes MCSurfaceConfigLoader::setConfigPath().
  • Adds cube.obj
  • Moves MCObject::hasShadow() to MCShapeView.
  • Configurable keys.
  • Refactors SettingsMenu::SettingsMenu()
  • Show all stars when best pos is 1.
  • Less acceleration friction.
  • Friction limits acceleration.
  • Updates the car svg's.
  • Adds documentation to TrackObjectFactory.
  • Transparent background for the new application icons.
  • Rename Track Editor to Level Editor in dustrac-editor.desktop
  • Sets fixed limit to lateral friction.
  • Adds clamp() and clampFast() to MCVector2d and MCVector3d.
  • Updates curvastone.trk, infinity.trk, triangle.trk.
  • Removes irritating.trk, demo.trk and circle.trk as they were crap.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-02-10