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Duplicate ISO / News: Recent posts

Version 0.6.0 Released!

Major feature enhancements.
New features include:
- Recording of audio tracks
- Recording of multiple tracks
- Support for "burn-proof" or similar buffer underrun protection.

Posted by Ulrik Mikaelsson 2002-06-01

Version 0.4.1 Released!

DupISO 0.4.1 has now been released.
Changes include a semi-automatic configuration program and a CD counter!

Posted by Ulrik Mikaelsson 2001-10-14

Version 0.2.3 Released

Version 0.2.3 is now released.
New features include:
* It's possible to store your configuration anywhere, without recompile.
* Quick command-line syntax help through -h or --help
* All options can now be overridden on command-line

Posted by Ulrik Mikaelsson 2001-05-21

Release mistake discovered!

Are you one of those who have just downloaded DupISO 0.2.2, compiled it and run it, just to notice the recorded CD:s are empty? Don't worry, this is just the effect of a mistake made by Rawler while creating the package...
There is a small line in global.h that goes #define DUMMY and tells dupiso to burn in dummy mode (to not waste an unnecessary amount of CD:s while debugging and running)
If you just download the new package, this should be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
// Rawler

Posted by Ulrik Mikaelsson 2001-04-12

help wanted

Looking for webdesigner/s to create an entire webpage.. Just want a functional frontend for my project..

Posted by Ulrik Mikaelsson 2001-04-07

First release of DupISO

Want to burn using multiple recorders at once?
Download DupISO.

Now the first official release of DupISO is ready!
Version 0.2.2 is available for download..

Posted by Ulrik Mikaelsson 2001-04-07