Hi Dmitry,

Apologies for the delay. Thankyou for your kind words. 
I haven't been actively involved with either DUnit or DUnit2 for several years. 

I stopped developing and supporting the DUnit wizard I wrote since the developers of Delphi added their own wizard to the Delphi IDE.
Your efforts may be better directed at improving the built-in wizard. However, a cautionary note: I did offer my code and help when I heard a built-in DUnit wizard was planned for Delphi, but my emails to Borland developers were ignored.

If you wish to further developer the wizard in the DUnitX codebase we  need to clarify a couple of things.  

1) Do you want to commit your changes to DUnit or DUnit2? 
    The two projects are largely API-compatible, but the implementations differ. There are some new features in the DUnit2 interface.
    There have been a couple of efforts to merge the two codebases, but as I recall, there were some issues with DUnit2 and the Abbrevia open source products

2)  The DUnit/DUnit2 codebase is licenced under the GPL Open Source licence. You cannot add the copyright notice you have proposed: "Copyright (c) 2013 by Soft 4 POS http://www.soft4pos.com", as that would be a breech of the GPL licences. All contributions to the codebase must preserve the original licence.
Cheers, Paul. 

On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 4:03 PM, dima@stumpware.com <dima@stumpware.com> wrote:
Dear friends,
I'm going to make submission of DUnit IDE wizard for Delphi XE-XE2,
which is port of existing D7 source codes with fixing Unicode issues.
I can not reach the Paul Spain the latest author of Wizard source codes. It's my respects to that person!
So my question is. To abide OpenSource policy and previous authors rights, I need to provide the preambule section for 
files in source codes which includes authors copyrights and etc.
Hopefully I'm going to support and extend the Wizard functionality for future versions.
I believe that my knowledge of OTapi and the rest delphi staff is rather limited compared with
yours guys(mentioned in DUnit project), so I will be happy to be managed and collaborate
on the project development issues.
can you please prepare for me such preambule or to give some directions on that.
The preambule I have now is, please let me know if something wrong.  
   Original authors

* Kent Beck <kentbeck@csi.com>
* Erich Gamma <Erich_Gamma@oti.com>
* Juanco Aсez <juanco@users.sourceforge.net>
* Paul Spain <paul@xpro.com.au>

* Dmitry Konnov <konnov_d@mail.ru>

Contact Dmitry Konnov via email: konnov_d@mail.ru
Copyright (c) 2013 by Soft 4 POS http://www.soft4pos.com

Thank you
Dmitry Konnov

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