compile under Dev-C++

  • I tried to play a bit with the code and downloaded the cvs-tree from sourceforge and and the programm Dev-C++. But I am not able to build it (over 300 errors). Then I downloaded the SDL library (, but
    there are still a lot of errors (seems that I need more files from the sdl, too). Its the first time I try to compile a 'big' programm from another person, so I have nearly no experience. Can you tell me what
    I need to compile the project, and what options I must set? (I am using windows)

    thanks Christoph

    • Anthony Cole
      Anthony Cole

      theres a few more libraries you'll have to get:


      There may be more also, have a look at the included dlls and so forth.  I compiled it with visual c++ so it will probably be a bit of work to get it working with dev-c++, im not familier with it, perhaps its more like gcc so the makefile might be able to help you out.