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DuNBot 0.3.0 Alpha Released

Dunbot version 0.3 is released. I have fix for example do the bot check faster and 3 new commands!

Read more in the changes and notes for the release.

Posted by confact 2007-04-17

Alpha 0.3.0 soon out

Soon is new version of DuNBot out.
This have fix for admin commands so normal user can't use them. We have also fix the search for commands so its only write out things if the messages start with the command. And 4 new commands.
of course. More commands can come.

The new version will come next month if nothing happens

Posted by confact 2007-02-10

Version 0.1.5 Alpha of DuNBot is out

The first version of dunbot is out. it have 6 commands and can ONLY have one masteradmin. but this been fixed to next version. Downlaod it now!

Posted by confact 2006-08-25