how to skip to restore a lost volume ?

  • wan3

    I did a multi volume backup on different files (volumes) on different hard drives
    I have to restore the volume1 file /mnt/backup/sdb3-level2-091212.dump001
    and the volume2 file /mnt/backup/sdb3-level2-091212.dump002

    The problem is that the volume 1 file is empty (length zero) and restore exits with a tape read error.

    I have to skip this file to restore the rest of the backup.

    I tried to restore with using the -M option for multiple volume backup

    restore -RMf  /mnt/backup/sdb3-level2-091212.dump -s 2
    I get the error message: rmtioctl MTFSF: Inappropriate ioctl for device
    So  I think the option -s 2 to switch to the second volume is not working for files
    I even tried to set the environment variable RMT but I could not get restore not
    to call rmt. And I think rmt is what makes the above error.

    I also tried the -R option to restart an interupted restore

    restore -Rf /mnt/backup/sdb3-level2-091212.dump002

    I get
    Mount tape volume 1
    Enter ``none'' if there are no more tapes
    otherwise enter tape name (default: /mnt/backup/sdb3-level2-091212.dump002)
    I tiped in /mnt/backup7/sdb10-l7-091008.dump002
    I got
    Wrong volume (2)
    Mount tape volume 1

    So restore insists on mounting volume1

    There must be a way to skip lost tapes for sure ?????