Javier Oscar Cordero Pérez

Welcome to dualPrint!

dualPrint is an application that generates print sets for multiple pages per sheet, dual sided, printing.

HTML5 and Python Spanish versions running in parallel.

Let's say you want to save paper when printing a document. To do so, you can print on both sides of paper sheets or print multiple pages on each side of the sheets, like done in handouts. Most printers and printer dialogues don't offer an easy way to do these two simple tasks; that's where dualPrint comes in.

Tell dualPrint basic information about the document's pages and it will generate the outputs to copy into the printer dialogues. dualPrint eliminates the need to manually change between odd and even pages, which can be tricky to find among different programs and dialogues. Finally, it'll guide you in the process of inverting pages so you won't have to waste paper on trial and error.

dualPrint's development is focused on Linux, Windows, Mac, Web, and soon, but not now, Android.

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