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dualPrint 1.2

Whoosh! First major update. Version 1.2 is released today for Python Desktops and two different Web platforms. Many features have been added, the change log is bellow.

In my hurry to release this version I did not translate ver 1.1 from Spanish to English. This is now unnecessary due to all the awesomeness in version 1.2. Ironically, v1.2 is only available in English instead. But this is because for the next version I plan on implementing community translations!... read more

Posted by Javier Oscar Cordero Pérez 2012-07-09

Hello dualPrint

Hi, my name is Javier Oscar Cordero Pérez and I have just gotten into programming for the 'who know what number is this' time of my life. On this occasion I've gotten further into it and developed something that works, not for me or for a few, but for everyone who needs to print papers. I present to you: "dualPrint".

dualPrint is a multiplatform application designed to help people in printing large documents on both sides of the paper.... read more

Posted by Javier Oscar Cordero Pérez 2012-06-25