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DTDtoBean Quick Tutorial

What a nice surprise! I found a kind of quick tutorial about Atabaque DTDtoBean at Toni Epple's blog, address

Posted by Serge Rehem 2008-03-19

Atabaque DTDtoBean 1.0beta2 Released!

Atabaque DTDtoBean generates JavaBeans from a specified DTD file. You can choose generate standard Java Beans or using Annotations for XStream or Simple, APIs for XML Serialization. It´s available as a command line, Swing application or NetBeans plugin.

The second Atabaque DTDtoBean beta version optionally generate code for Property Change Support in Java Beans, mandatory for using with BeansBinding (JSR 295). Hope you enjoy it!

Posted by Serge Rehem 2007-10-02

1.0 beta 1 available

The first Atabaque DTDtoBean tool is available. You can see Screenshots and a brief documentations, in Projects/Screenshots and Documentation/Browse options, respectively.

Posted by Serge Rehem 2007-06-18