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2004-07-16 version 0.1.0

* extended documentation.
* fixed duplicate free of synth->patches [Chris Cannam].
* fixed OSC MIDI handling (status byte in m[1], not m[0]).
* added support for new "user-friendly" instance identifier passed
    to UI as argv[4].
* temporary patch bank saves now go to ~/.xsynth-dssi/.
* fixed mis-interpolation bug (lrintf() rounds, not floors....)
* added 'exiting' method.

2004-05-22 initial alpha release ("v0.01")

* added more documentation.
* adapted to use automake/autoconf.  Requires automake 1.7+ for the
    'plugin' macros to build the xsynth-dssi.so correctly.
* cleaned up patch library, rebuilt friendly patches.
* header file reorganization.
* removed all references to channels or 'fluid' or 'fmu' anything.
* extended the maximum name length to 30.