Hi Developers/Committers/All,

Tim Donohue is out this week, and I will be leading the #duraspace IRC meeting tomorrow ( Weds, April 28) at 20:00 UTC.

The main goal will be to figure out how we might improve our documentation process, solving any blockers for 1.6.1, as well as catch up with some new JIRA bugs since last time.

Developers Meeting on Weds, April 28, 2010 


  • Announcements
    • GSoC selections announced.
    • Changes to Documentation Workflow (Mark Diggory)
      • Using Confluence as the Documentation System. Requires a process for cleanup and markup effort to target pages for inclusion in "the docs", and to keep content from getting stale, outdated, misleading.
  • DSpace 1.6.1 (Kim Shepherd)
    • DC-Date related bugs – values out of the range and date format inconsistencies.
    • Update and other bugs that need more eyes
    • 1.6.1 Open Issues: 1.6.1 Version in JIRA
  • JIRA Catch-Up – starting with issue DS-517 (and getting as far as we can).

== Homework ==
Here's some good reading for everyone to catch up on before the meeting about DCDates.
(discussion between Kim Shepherd and Robin Taylor)
Yep, the same thoughts have been occurring to me.. DCDate has changed so much since 1.5, perhaps it's work linking all the date-related bugs together in JIRA, going back through the DCDate.java changeset since 1.5.0 (or 1.5.1) and see if we can come up with some core problems. Most of them are related to the Authority Control and Embargo additions in 1.6.0.

I think rewriting/fixing DCDate should basically be the highest thing on the 1.6.1 agenda, so hopefully we'll get some time to review all the DCDate bugs (and the changesets if we have time) and get feedback from everyone else.

Here are the list of DCDate-related bugs I know about:

The GregorianCalender overflow when DAY_OF_MONTH is greater than the max number of days in that month
My solution: utilise GregorianCalender.getActualMaximum(field) to help validate date fields. I had one prototype patch but I somehow implemented it badly. Going back to the drawing board but still pretty keen on using that method to validate.

Unknown day/month values turn into 1/1 in DescribeStep
Robin's solution looks good to me though I haven't quite had a chance to test it yet

Claudia just logged these two bugs which are related to inconsistency of date format depending on the submission method and granularity used. I haven't had time to check them out properly yet.

== Notes ==
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non-developers to attend or just read along with the chat discussions.

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