Hello all -
 This is a question that seems to have a foot in both the DSpace-Tech and -general camps: I think it's the tech folks who *can* answer it, but us "general" folks who are most interested in what that answer *is*... so I decided to post here first. Um, sorry if I've goofed up.
 The situation: the new release of DSpace will support sub-collections. I have a group that wants to archive the back issues of their online journal in DSpace. I think the sub-collection structure will be ideal for this... but it may take us a while to get the new release installed and debugged and so forth. I hate to have my potential community's ardor cool. If we deposit their material within the constraints of the existing DSpace structure...
--> will it be possible to migrate this material, and *re-organize it* using the new sub-collections structure possible in the new release?
Or should we chill out and just wait?
 Thanks very much for your help!
Suzanne Bell, Economics/Data Librarian
DSpace Projects Coordinator
University of Rochester