Hi Joao,

thank you for answering! Ok REST would be nice but i see there is not documentation of such a implementation.

I found these instructions





It seems to be in beta status, or?

Other idea, is it possible to use the solr search server to get what i want?



Regards Marco


Am 22.01.2013 03:44, schrieb João Melo:

Hi Marco,
sorry for the delay. Unfortunately i've misunderstood, as helix said, it requires code changes.
But, i would strongly disencourage you, OAI-PMH protocol is not meant to be used for custom query purposes, you could use some rest-api instead (we are using and it works fine).
If you have any further questions (about OAI/rest-api), please, feel free to question.

On 18 January 2013 15:12, <marco.weiss@kesslernetworks.de> wrote:
Hi Helix,

thank you for that link. I now new which direction Joao and you are thinking of but i can't find a documentation what i have to do.
Just with the configuration file and the note "OAI 2.0 allows you to configure following advanced options ... filters" i can't understand what to do.
Maybe i'm to stupid to get my gyrus around that, and googling the half day doesn't solve it ;)

Maybe Joao can you explain it to me or give me a hint?

Regards, Marco

Am 17.01.2013 13:35, schrieb helix84:

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 1:18 PM, <marco.weiss@kesslernetworks.de> wrote:
yes we are using DSpace 3.0. Can you provide me a hint where i can find a documentation of these filters?

The filters Joao meant are defined and used here:


I don't know how they allow you to change what identifiers are
_accepted_ by oai without writing Java code, but of course Joao knows
better, he wrote the code.


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