Hi allen

We are trying to batch upload files into DSpace ver. 1.5.2

The command is going through with the following output:
Destination collections:
Owning  Collection: Images Collection
Adding items from directory: /path/to/folder/
Generating mapfile: 20080512.ingest.map
There are no errors in that but if i see the ingest.map file it is not showing anything in it. The directory structure of my import folder is as follows

Contents file ---> <filename>
Dublincore.xml  ---> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<dcvalue element="contributor" qualifier="author">yuresh</dcvalue>
<dcvalue element="language" qualifier="iso">en</dcvalue>
<dcvalue element="subject" qualifier="none"></dcvalue>
<dcvalue element="title" qualifier="none">Sample import</dcvalue>
    Could anyone tell me why it is not able to show in the web browser. after it was imported & even more it is not able to show anything in ingest.map file also.
Yureshwar Ravuri.