Hi everyone,

I am creating a custom page in Manakin and am having difficulty figuring out where I should place image files for <img> tags.

Right now my FrontPage.java looks like:
    public void addBody(Body body) throws SAXException, WingException,
            UIException, SQLException, IOException, AuthorizeException
        Division who = front.addDivision("who");
        who.setHead("Who is using DML?");
        Para whoPara = who.addPara();
        whoPara.addContent("Picture here");
        whoPara.addFigure("VisMenu.jpg", null, null);

I am unsure where I should place the VisMenu.jpg and then what I should use for a path to get to it?

The final xhtml page is correctly including <img src="VisMenu.jpg" alt="" />


Jason Gum