Hi Vlastimil,
                    I am really thankful for your concern but i was able to find such a tool that is availbale with default dspace which served my purpose. Actually me and my friend had to implement a whole software library using dspace. We couldn't have done it manually using the web interface because the library was really vast.
So, we finally decided to use some scripts and programs to serve our purpose. Since we knew how to upload a large amount of data using batches. The only thing that we required was to find a way so that we could create communities and collections in large numbers using the codes we have made.
Then we found out about "Collections and communities structure importer". Well this was more or less like a command line tool we needed. I think you might be aware of it, if not you may find about it here..


We wrote a code that could create that xml file and then that command is executed creating communites and collections in the required format..

Shashank Sahni
2008/12/1 Vlastimil Krejcir <krejcir@ics.muni.cz>

 I read the dspace-general just only from time to time and someone has already answer you question. However...

 I have met similar issue - need a command line tool to provide some actions which are avialable via web UI. There are no such tools in default DSpace (as I know) - you must create your own one. To create such tool I can recommend you to study dspace import script and Public API (Java Docs) because there are all necessary methods to do all the things you may want to do with DSpace.

 Maybe there could be another possibility how to achieve this - I can give such task to some student at our university (as a part of Bc. thesis). If you are interested in cooperation we can discuss it in detail. It would need you effort too (at least to specify what you want).

 have a nice day


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On Thu, 13 Nov 2008, Shashank Sahni wrote:

Hello people,
                     I was thinking of using a code to traverse the whole
directory structure recursively and appropriately create communities,
sub-communities and collections where ever needed..But for it i need to know
a command line method (i.e. a command ) to create , edit and delete
communities, sub-communities and collections..So, are there any command
tools to create them...???
Please help..!!

Shashank Sahni