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this means that the content of uploaded documents (Word, PDF, ...) are also being indexed for search.
As a consequence, not only the supplied metadata will yield results, but virtually any keyword in a document, can produce that document as a result for your search.

On the DSpace wiki, I found that full text indexing works for following formats:
But this list might be outdated (page was from 2007)

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On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 6:48 AM, AMJAD USMAN <amjad_gu@hotmail.com> wrote:
Good morning everybody.

I am exploring the searching facility of dspace.
As far, i have come to know that dspace facilitate us with 3 type of searches:
  1. search via external reference (CNRI handle)
  2. search via keywords (metadata & Full-text)
  3. search via indexed files (Advance search)

can anyone tell me what the second point means.. Full -text Searching ...

waiting for your reply ...


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