I'm very interested in knowing an explanation and a  solucion for updated checsum value.
Anyone could explain it?
Many thanks.
Victoria Rasero
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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From: Tellier, Stephane <stephane.tellier@cgi.com>
Date: 23-may-2007 23:21
Subject: RE : [Dspace-general] Replacing a bitstream and getting an updated checksum value in the metadata
To: Sunyeen Pai <sunyeen@hawaii.edu>, dspace-general@mit.edu

Hi Sunyeen,
we actually have the same needs in our project : some bitstreams must be updated in DSpace to contains URLs generated after the ingestion (like handles).
We do that by making a ItemImport --replace immediately after doing a ItemImport --add with the import tool.
We run cleanup after.
Since ItemImport --replace is a standard feature in DSpace, there shouldn't be any problems with the checksum...
Alas we're not ready yet to verify this but we're close (still in DEV/TEST mode).
Maybe someone can confirm that the checksum is ok after doing some replaces with the ItemImport?

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Date: mer. 2007-05-23 16:31
: dspace-general@mit.edu
Objet : [Dspace-general] Replacing a bitstream and getting an updated checksum value in the metadata


We are just at the beginning of setting up our repository.  I was wondering if you could advise us on this question:

Background: We are working with an online journal editor who, in the past, has included the paper's url in the footer of the paper itself.  We would like to accommodate this, but is this feasible?  I am pretty sure handle ids are not assigned until the document is completely ingested, so I don't think there is a way of knowing what a url will be before the document has been ingested (please correct me if I am wrong).  We were looking at, therefore, waiting for the document to be "archived", getting the assigned handle, then editing the pdf to reflect the new url.  Then we would "replace" the bitstream/document in the item record with the updated bitstream.

Problem with this solution:  It is easy to remove the original bitstream and add in the corrected one, but then the checksum information is no longer correct.

Questions:  Can DSpace re-run checksums on corrected/replaced bitstreams so that the new checksum value is automatically reflected in the item's metadata (dc_provenance)?  Or is this something that must be corrected manually in the metadata?

ps:  If there is no easy way to do this, we will get back with the editor.

Thank you,
--Sunny Pai

University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

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