Thanks for your quick reply. I have few more doubts regarding postgresql. Actually i have installed Postgresql 8.1.3. But recently i have noticed that Postgresql 7.3 is already present in my system. I think RedHat 9 defaulty gives postgresql 7.3. I have uploaded some articles Through UI in Dspace. Now, am unable to understand that which version of postgresql is Dspace using? Its whether postgresql 7.3 or Postgresql 8.1?
       When i used the commands "which psql" , "which pg_dump". I got the following output:
I have also used the commands  "pg_dump --version" & "psql --version". I got the following output:
pg_dump (PostgreSQL) 7.3.2
psql (PostgreSQL) 7.3.2
Please help me.

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 7:16 PM, Van Ly <V.Ly@library.usyd.edu.au> wrote:


Check if you've more than one pg_dump on your system by

 updatedb ; locate pg_dump

And, if there are multiples, to get an indication of version numbers, for each

 rpm -qf /absolute/path/to/pg_dump

Van Ly : University of Sydney Library

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    I have installed Dspace 1.5 on RedHat 9 with Postgresql 8.1. When i
tried to use the command "pg_dump" , the following error is displayed:

*pg_dump: server version:      ; pg_dump version: 7.3.2*
*pg_dump: aborting because of version mismatch (Use the -i option to proceed
any way)*
Please, give me the steps to take backup of my DataBase.