A group has asked if it's possible to restrict access to a community or collection by IP. While that seems to fly in the face of open access these folks want to use the repository for their own class work, limiting access to members of the class or program. As far as I can tell this isn't doable. I believe we'd need to define a group, have them each register and then put the registered individuals into the group and set access policies for the group.

However, that presents another problem. Is there a way for the dspace/community/collection manager(s) to be notified when someone registers? Does the registration process need to be modified locally to enable this or to allow the person registering to send an email to the admin at the same time asking to be put into a particular group?

We're still learning v1.2, having tested the earlier versions for a year or so. If the answers are obvious and I've overlooked them, my apologies. However, if others have faced and addressed these issues I'd appreciate your sharing how you managed them.

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